Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring on a Budget

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So, you’ve met the woman of your dreams, you’ve decided to get down on one knee, you’ve even asked your father’s permission for her hand in marriage. Now there’s just one small problem: How are you ever going to find the money to buy her the perfect engagement ring?

1. Starting Saving for the Diamond Now

If you’ve got the patience, or want to propose on a date that’s special for the two of you, start putting some money away now. Set up an account specifically for her ring and set up a standing order so on pay day a set amount is going straight into your savings.

Yes, it may be a less romantic approach, but buying the engagement ring is just the first step – you’re going to have a wedding to pay for too!

2. Work Out How Much You Can Afford

Have you already decided to propose at Christmas (or any other date in the near future) and just don’t have enough time for step 1? It’s time to sit down and work out exactly how much you can afford to (and want to) pay for her diamond engagement ring.

Be realistic about what you can pay for and what sort of wedding you might have.

If you have a small family and know that your fiancée to be would be happy with a low-key approach, maybe you could splash out on her rock.

If she’s always talked about having an extravagant affair you should consider choosing a less expensive ring so you have more for the big day.

3. Figure Out What Ring She Really Wants

This is a tricky one – you have to do your homework and figure out what ring she really wants. If you need help give some of these sneaky tricks to work out her engagement ring style a try.

If you really are struggling to figure out what diamond she’d like, you’ve got 2 options: Propose without an engagement ring and go shopping together or get help from her mum or best friend.

The first option is always tricky – if she falls in love with a ring that’s way out of your price range you might struggle to keep a grip on your finances.

I’d highly recommend you get help, but make sure your partner in crime really knows her style. If she never wears jewelry, clothes and accessories that your accomplice gives her you need a better source of style advice.

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4. Compromise, compromise, compromise

… And did I mention that you may need to compromise? Of course you want to choose the ideal diamond ring for your wife to be, but if you’re on a budget you have to compromise.

Try to figure out what is non-negotiable for her. Does she like a particular cut (shape) of diamond? Does she like an unusual style of band? Then work out where you could perhaps choose cheaper alternatives.

If she wants a large stone, look at precious gems that imitate diamonds. Cubic zirconia, while lacking the same sparkle of a diamond, has a similar beautiful effect.

If it’s a diamond or nothing, you may need to look at choosing a smaller size or lower grade of clarity or color. You may want to look at styles that embed a few small stones into a band, to make a feature of the small size rather than looking cheap.

Note: always remember to choose a certified diamond! This is your proof that your stone is truly the cut, clarity, carat and color that the jeweler claimed it to be.

If she likes the look of platinum, white gold makes a lovely alternative. This needs slightly more maintenance over the years than platinum, but gives a similar effect.

Buying an engagement ring is always going to be a big investment, but with some careful planning you can find a diamond that your girlfriend will love without blowing your budget.