Wedding Jewelry Trends

diamond ring engagement trends

It all starts with a little sparkle. Sparkle is a good thing. A bride-to-be wears a diamond engagement ring with great excitement and anticipation of the future. Diamonds (of any color, shape or style) are a girl’s best friend, as sung by Carol Channing in the Broadway play, Gentlemen Prefer Blonds in 1949.

A diamond is comprised of a crystalline form of carbon and is considered to be the hardest natural substance in creation. As trite as the saying coined by the James Bond series creator, Ian Flemming, happens to be, diamonds are forever. They really are forever. Diamonds represent the desired longevity of a lasting relationship.

Diamonds 101

Each year, millions of carats of diamonds are mined in various locations throughout the world. The best quality diamonds are considered to be those mined in Botswana, Australia, Canada and South Africa.

Colored diamonds are a growing trend. Canary or yellow diamonds are the most rare stone, with only one being mined per 10,000 traditional white diamonds. Diamonds are available in an array of colors including blue, black, grey, olive, green, purple, pink and red although the are not as popular as the classic white diamond.

Finished diamond shapes include round, marquise, emerald-cut, radiant, pear, princess, oval, heart and Assher-cut. The preferred shape of the stone is a personal choice.

Engagement Rings Trends

The modern day bride is choosing a traditional shaped diamond engagement ring but placing it in a less traditional setting. Emerald cut, oval and marquises are literally being set sideways in the selected setting. Pear-shaped diamonds are becoming increasingly popular because they can be worn with the tip pointing up or down.

A bold and very modern choice for the main stone of an engagement ring is something other than a classic white diamond. The current trend hedges towards a ruby. This scarlet red stone portrays the intense color of love.

The popular style for the setting of an engagement ring includes baguettes, used as the traditional side stones or to enhance the overall ring design.

Wedding Rings Trends

The classic wedding band is a timeless style and remains a popular choice. An evolving trend is a wedding band shown with diamonds set and set in platinum. Yellow gold is still a popular choice but the choice of platinum is on the rise.

Both the bride and groom’s wedding bands, enhanced with diamonds, are becoming ever more popular. Diamonds are not just for the bride anymore.

Bridal Sets Trends

Some jewelers choose to offer a bridal set, an engagement ring plus a matching wedding ring. This is usually an economically wise choice but also ensures that the rings will properly fit together and compliment each other. The contours of the rings are designed to snuggly fit together.

Wedding Jewelry Trends Beyond the Ring

Brides are wearing other wedding jewelry pieces that make a statement. Big stones are the rage. Big and bold earrings and pendants are complimenting wedding couture.

Chandelier earrings are a growing wedding trend. They carry along the big and bold style and look exceptionally good with a fitted style gown.

Another wedding jewelry trend is any piece, which is vintage. Heirloom pieces are popular.

Pearls are a timeless wedding jewelry option. The classic style of perfectly shaped cultured pearls is being replaced with less traditional and more irregular shaped freshwater pearls.

Emerging Wedding Jewelry Trends

Diamonds set in platinum are the trend for the modern bride. Diamonds set in gold remain a popular but more traditional choice.

Antique and vintage style engagement and wedding ring settings are becoming a popular option for the bride. Heirloom diamonds passed on for generations are meaningful to the couple.

While the wedding jewelry trends change and styles are updated, diamonds never ever go out of style.