A Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring For A Princess, Oui?

What could be better than a princess cut diamond engagement ring from your prince charming to celebrate your fairytale romance?

Nothing, except for the fact that you won’t be running into a princess cut engagement ring on just anybody’s hand. That’s because while princess cut diamonds are becoming more popular for engagement rings, not everyone’s discovered them. And that means they’re trés chic and stylish, but haven’t been done to death yet.

Which is lucky for you! Not only do you have fabulous taste in diamonds, you’re a natural born trendsetter. And, if they aren’t already, all your friends will be copying you. Or at least wishing they could by having a gorgeous princess cut diamond ring on their finger too.

That’s because you’re as brilliant as the sun glinting off your princess cut diamond engagement ring. Which, of course, it will be doing with you waving it around in the air all the time just so you and everyone within a 25-mile radius can catch a glimpse of your own, personal eye candy.

princess cut diamond rings with halo

Image Credit: Sonora Halo Diamond Ring For Princess Cut

What’s So Special About A Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Anyway?

Nothing matches a princess cut diamond engagement ring in the brilliance category. The princess cut, which really refers to the reflective qualities of a diamond, enhances the diamond’s natural shine. So be careful where you point that princess cut diamond engagement ring, okay? You don’t want to blind anybody with that thing.

And remember that a princess cut diamond is square, not rectangular like an emerald cut one. The two cuts/shapes (even though these two terms are used interchangeably and are related, they have to do with separate things) are easily confused – not that you would, being the diamond-savvy person you are.

It’s just that when your head is swimming from your whirlwind romance and all the wedding planning you have to make, mistakes happen.

But it’s okay. Even jewelers have been known to get princess cut diamond engagement rings confused with other diamond cuts, especially the emerald cut. So just stay on your toes and keep those jewelers on theirs.

Once you decide on a princess cut diamond engagement ring, don’t settle for anything less than a wonderful one – just like you did when you chose your, oh, so, prince-ly significant other.