Quality of a BlueNile Diamond Versus a Typical Jewelry Store’s Diamond


This came in via a reader recently.

“Alright, so I’ve started looking around at the high end jewellery stores for an engagement ring and found some interesting results comparing it to BlueNile.

Tiffany & Co.

Classic Tiffany 6 prong ring (platinum) with a round diamond

1.01 ct

G color


Excellent cut



Classic 4 prong ring (white gold) with round diamond

1.06 ct

H color


Excellent cut



Comfort-Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting in Platinum (2.5mm)

4 prong ring (platinum) with round diamond


G color


Signature Ideal


culet:very small

girdle:medium to medium, faceted

Depth %: 61.6%

Table %: 56%


Is there something I should know about buying from Blue Nile?”


The reasons are various for the better price offered by bluenile.com

Tiffany is a huge HUGE, and well known luxury jewellery dealer. So is Birks but to a lesser extent. You are paying extra for the prestige of saying “I bought this at Tiffany’s bruhahaha”. You can decide for yourself if paying an extra 7k for the same thing, but also the ability to brag about where you bought it, is worth it.

Also, jewellery stores like these and others have to pay rent for the store, they have to pay for lights and all sorts of other maintenance costs. They have to pay sales people etc etc. Online vendors have few of these costs. They therefore do not need to markup their products to levels wherein such costs are covered, and profitability is not hampered.

I suggest buying from bluenile.com or another reputable online site such as whiteflash.com Most of the stones come with reports from highly respected labs, such as GIA, that you can browse on the same site.

Instead of comparing prices of stores and online vendors, try comparing the prices of similar stones from various online vendors.

Now why on earth would you need a VVS1? You can’t claim to be a purist as you are looking at G and H colour stones. In this case I would lower your clarity grade to VS1. Even with a 10X loupe, at this level, inclusions would be hard to point out to the untrained eye.


Thanks for the reply. It’s quite funny, before I read your response today, I stopped BY birks during lunch and asked the sales rep. what makes your diamond better than other diamonds. He goes onto say, out of a box of 100 diamonds, birks rejects 60% of them. He tells me not only does color and clarity matter, but the cut is probably the single most important characteristic that determines if we will label that diamond a birks diamond.

OK – I say to him, So… aside from the size of the diamond, the reason why birks rejects those diamonds is because the cut isn’t up to standards. If I was able to get a GIA report on a diamond that is similiar (I understand that no two diamonds are a like) to that 1.01 ct diamond you are holding in your hands and it’s X amount of dollars cheaper, why am I paying so much more for a birks diamond.

He goes on to tell me, well people can recognize the ring is from birks(I was looking that their birks blue collection, and yes this confirms your comment that people will recognize the brand and you can brag about it.), you can bring in your ring every 6 months and have it inspected and cleaned for free for the first 5 years (ok… sounds good, but really at 4-5K more???), and anything within the first 5 years you can trade up the ring for a bigger ring.

So… I’m standing there looking at him like that really doesn’t justify the extra money required and I basically told him that:

1) I won’t be upgrading from a 1ct diamond

2) cleaning and inspecting is a good thing but at the extra amount is it worth it?

3) I think there are two things that people ask when they see you wearing a ring. FIRST – how big. SECOND – where’d you get it?

So aside from that, is there anything else? He couldn’t say…

A part of me wants to buy it from birks just because of the name but another part of me can’t come to pay extra for something that I can get at bluenile (who doesn’t like a fair deal?)

I guess I have to ask, has anyone ever negotiated with birks on the diamond?

oh and regarding thing VVS1? I just choose that to match the tiffiany specs. Amazingly there wasn’t a huge difference (under 700$ from VVS1 to S1).


This is what i think about it…

I personally believe that Bluenile is the best buy. Signature Cut from Bluenile are also branded jewellery. You can buy less than that from Bluenile as long as it is not Signature Cut. But the price is OK but not enough for me to really cherished it. At 10,000 dollars you can buy D-color Internally Flawless diamond from Bluenile. These perfect diamonds are a nice conversation pieces. They are rarer and absolutely more special that most Tiffany and Harry Winston diamonds.

And you cannot tell the difference between a Tiffany or Bluenile as long as they have the same quality and cut but the price is a huge difference. A smart shopper will go for Bluenile but hey! Mondera is actually cheaper than Bluenile.

Mondera is a sister company of German Jeweler Mouawad. Robert Mouawad donated Carlsbad GIA Campus. Mouawad are the makers of the most astounding collection of Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bras. Mouawad also owns the largest collection of the finest and largest historical diamonds in the world that he bought from auction houses.